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Lab exchanges are available for the 2020/21 year with the following VADA Program faculty:

  • Gary Van Domselaar
    • 8 or 16 weeks in duration
    • Focus of placement: A project would be designed with participation of the student. Example analysis would be SARS-CoV-2 genomics, microbiome
    • What skills would be acquired? Bioinformatics, machine learning, data analytics
    • How should interested students learn more? Through program coordinator


  • Jason Leboe-McGowan
    • 8 weeks (an MSc placement or half of a PhD placement)
    • Focus of placement: To be determined in collaboration with trainee
    • What skills would be acquired? Psychological Research Design
    • How should interested students learn more? Contacting faculty member directly


  • Lyle McKinnon
    • 16 weeks
    • Focus of placement: My lab focuses on mucosal immunology and HIV transmission in human cohorts, combining epidemiological with immunological approaches. Cohorts include female sex workers, young women in places with high prevalence, and men who have sex with men. We characterize immune cells, gene expression, concentration of proteins, microbiota, and relate these to clinical status and/or future outcomes. We also track transmission phylogenetically using HIV sequences to empirically link transmission network, and study the epidemiological and geographical aspects of these networks. A project in my lab could involve analyzing an existing dataset in new ways, to generate additional insights into the relationships between the variables in these complex datasets.
    • What skills would be acquired? The student will learn ways to better combine analyses of immunological and epidemiological variables as they relate to the study of HIV transmission and/or mucosal homeostasis. This includes statistical and clustering/classification approaches to determine those at highest risk of HIV infection, and where prevention should focus.
    • How should interested students learn more? Through program coordinator