About Us

Lab exchanges are available for the 2021-22 year with the following VADA Program faculty:

  • Lyle McKinnon
    • 8-16 weeks
    • Focus of placement:There are 2 types of projects:

      1) my lab focuses on understanding immunological and microbiological factors in mucosa that increase the odds of HIV acquisition in humans. Several existing high dimensional datasets could be analyzed to better identify underlying relationships between these data and link these to clinical outcomes or features such as HIV acquisition, age, clinical findings, behaviour etc. These include data collected in cross-sectional and prospective cohorts in Kenya, South Africa and elsewhere.

      2) we have also carried out epidemiological analyses of sex worker programs in Kenya that combine geographic variables, clinical data such as HIV prevalence, service utilization, and others.

    • What skills would be acquired? The student will learn ways to better combine analyses of immunological and epidemiological variables as they relate to the study of HIV transmission and/or mucosal homeostasis. This includes statistical and clustering/classification approaches to determine those at highest risk of HIV infection, and where prevention should focus.
    • Required skills? Most of the analytic skills in VADA would qualify, e.g. cluster-based analysis, dimension reduction, machine learning, etc. Exact methods would depend on the project’s objectives which the trainee would be free to contribute toward.
    • How should interested students learn more? Through program coordinator
    • Remuneration? None if the student is being paid from VADA or their primary supervisor. If the trainee is unpaid then we will pay hourly according to experience, as determined by our department.