The VADA Program

The core competencies for the VADA Program professional skills focus on:

  • Responsible conduct of research: To gain knowledge about the ethical and legislative requirements related to the management and use of personal health information, and the societal implications of using personal health information for research;
  • Relationships and communications: To develop skills in presenting data and information in ways that are effective for non-academic audiences and individuals from interdisciplinary backgrounds; to develop skills in blending human factors (e.g., clinical decision-making) with technology in healthcare decision-making;
  • Entrepreneurism: To develop skills in strategic visioning, recognizing opportunities for innovation, risk management, and analysis of complex problems;
  • Project management: To gain knowledge in non-research project management principles including development of project charters, project life cycles, developing timelines and milestones, monitoring progress, and reporting on the status of project; to gain skills in working collaboratively to contribute to project planning, implementation, monitoring, risk mitigation strategies, and evaluation;
  • Professional and personal improvement: To develop skills in career planning, advancing career and organizational goals, and establishing career and organizational priorities.

Students develop these skills through targeted sessions during the Summer School or through hands-on experience via the internship.