The VADA Program

Practicum Structure

The VADA students are required to complete an practicum that is a minimum 35 hours/week over 8 weeks for Master’s students and 16 weeks for PhD students;

  • Industrial practicum: Students will work on a project(s) with an industry partner/collaborator.
  • Lab practicum: Students will work on an academic research project(s) for a VADA Program faculty member(s) who they have not previously worked for and who is not their thesis supervisor or committee member.

Practicum Timeline

Students work with their adviser to identify the goals of the practicum, as well as potential host organizations and location for the practicum. The student will then reach out to the potential host and explore the possibility of a placement. If an opportunity cannot be identified by the student and adviser, the practicum committee will work to find an opportunity. After an opportunity is identified, an agreement form must be completed and signed off on by both the student and host. Midway through the internship, a member of the practicum committee will check in with both the host and trainee to ensure that the practicum is proceeding successfully. After the practicum has been completed, both the trainee and host must complete an appraisal form.

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