“Students in the Visual and Automated Disease Analytics (VADA) program this summer will take part in an intensive two-day competitive workshop that gives them a unique opportunity to work with authentic pre- and post-natal nutrition research data.

The session will follow a fast-paced challenge structure where the students will be placed into teams and given two days to find novel solutions to the problems put forward by Dr. Meghan Azad, Canada Research Chair in developmental origins of chronic disease at the University of Manitoba, based on her research into breastmilk.

“It reminds me of American Idol, where strangers are put into teams and work intensively over a short period of time to create a performance together – except here, the challenge is a complex data problem instead of a song,” said Azad, assistant professor, pediatrics and child health, Max Rady College of Medicine and research scientist at Children’s Hospital Research Institute of Manitoba.”


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