The VADA Program

VADA Program students acquire a host of technical skills through their participation in the program.

Throughout all components of the program, skills in programs such as R, Python and Tableau are fostered by working with real datasets and problems.

Specific components of the program aim to develop the following technical skills or skill areas:

  • Summer School:
    • Data Wrangling in the Tidyverse
    • Data Science with Python
    • Healthcare Big Data Mining Concepts, Techniques and Practice
    • Creating Decision- Support Dashboard from eICU Relational Database Using Tableau and PowerBI
    • Machine learning approaches for infectious diseases
    • Machine learning applications with omics data
  • Foundations of Disease Analytics Course:
    • Missing data & outliers/extreme values/messy data
    • Predictive analytics
    • Decision trees/Neural networks
    • Infographics & research posters
    • Text analytics
    • Data management and curation
    • Data quality assessment