To be eligible to apply for the VADA Program, students must:

  1. Have applied or been accepted into one of a select number of thesis-based graduate programs (Master’s or PhD) at the University of Manitoba or University of Victoria, and
  2. Have a graduate advisor or co-advisor who is a member of the VADA Program faculty team, or will apply to the VADA program team. Participating advisors and graduate programs are from:
    • University of Manitoba: Departments of Biochemistry and Medical Genetics, Community Health Sciences, Computer Science, Mathematics, Medical Microbiology, and Psychology.
    • University of Victoria: Department of Computer Science, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, School of Health Information Science, Social Dimensions of Health Program, and Department of Sociology.
  3. Can demonstrate that their proposed thesis research project is related to the objectives of the VADA Program
  4. Are entering the first or second year of their graduate program

Note: Students cannot apply to the VADA Program if they have not also applied to a graduate program in their department/school of interest.

Once admitted into the program , students must:

  • Attend a VADA Program orientation session
  • Complete CHSC 7400 T10 Foundations of Disease Analytics. This three credit hour course is offered at the University of Manitoba by the Department of Community Health Sciences. This course is offered bi-weekly in the Fall and Winter academic terms, on Fridays. University of Victoria students will seek permission to register for this course through the Western Dean’s Agreement;
  • Maintain a B average across all courses completed as part of their graduate program
  • Have a faculty supervisor who is a member of the VADA Program and it is strongly preferable to include at least one VADA Program faculty member on your advisory committee as well;
  • Complete an internship or lab exchange that is a minimum duration of 8 weeks for Master’s students and 16 weeks for PhD students;
    • Internships involve a VADA Program student working on a project(s) with an industry partner/collaborator.
    • Lab exchanges involve a VADA Program student working on an academic research project(s) for a VADA Program faculty member(s) who they have not previously worked for and who is not their thesis supervisor or committee member.
  • Participate in the annual Summer School.

In addition, students accepted into the VADA Program must:

  • Acknowledge VADA Program support in all publications and presentations;
  • Submit a progress report prior to August 31st of the academic year in which funding is received;
  • Not work more than 15 hours per week in paid employment as a research assistant, teaching assistant or other University or non-University position during the period from September to April of the academic year(s) in which they are funded.
  • Demonstrate satisfactory research progress in the form of publications, presentations or progress in their degree program. Faculty supervisors must concur that satisfactory progress has been made and will be asked to provide feedback on this metric. Unsatisfactory research progress could be the basis for withdrawal of funding

Please review our Student Terms of Reference or FAQs if you have questions about eligibility or email the program coordinator.