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Computer Science - University of Manitoba

Bradley’s research will explore means of visualizing and interacting with complex health data that can translate to meaningful information for users. This will span across different unexplored mediums, such as smart glasses, as well as under different usage scenarios such as mobility and ecologically valid usage scenarios.

  • Grace SeoJuly 15, 2021 at 6:24 am

    Hi Bradley,

    Very interesting project and a great presentation!

    In your study, do you have specific target age group? Although smartwatch is great, I’d imagine there would be people who does not wear a watch or prefer analog style watch especially for older age groups. I am curious if this was in your study design consideration and how you decided to work through for your project.

    • Bradley ReyJuly 15, 2021 at 4:27 pm

      Hi Grace!

      Thanks for the question, it is definitely an important consideration; enough so that their is active research exploring these different/unexperienced user groups and their interactions. For this work (and the majority of my thesis/projects) we won’t target a specific age group but do want to make sure people we recruit use and are comfortable with their smartwatch. Furthermore, we aim to recruit people who actively track their personal health data. Ultimately this will mean a relatively younger age group, but will allow us to gain a better understanding of how the interactions compare with natural interaction (we don’t want to deviate from natural too much) as well as typical complex data analysis tasks and questions which we will be able to address on the smartwatch as a companion to other tools we already have.

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