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Abdul Roudsari is  Professor of Health Informatics. He has been the Director of school of Health Information science until 2014 and had been the Director of the Centre for Health Informatics (CHI) at City, University of London until 2009. He has been a member of the Centre since 1989, having had a particular involvement in a range of research projects and health Informatics education concerned with the provision of decision support systems to diabetic patients.

He has led a major innovative EU-funded home telecare project on management of elderly and chronically-ill patients in their home environment using advanced healthcare technologies for home monitoring.

Abdul’s specific areas of interest and expertise have spanned: modelling in healthcare; modelling methodology for health resource management; clinical decision support, machine learning and artificial intelligence – development and evaluation of decision support systems; evaluation methodologies with particular application in telemedicine. More recently his interests have developed into ontologies and temporal representation and reasoning; utilization of business intelligence in healthcare; shared decision-making, personalized health records and environmental sensing for health. The success of these research interests is confirmed with over 100 peer reviewed papers and chapters. In addition, He has supervised over 100 Masters projects, and 20 successful PhD graduates.  This interdisciplinary research has involved the successful development and nurturing of linkages with academic and clinical groupings in the UK, across the rest of Europe, Canada and beyond.

In his recent work with the World Bank and with other colleagues, delivered a complete implementation handbook for rural telemedicine in Ukraine.

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