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University of Manitoba

Max Turgeon is an Assistant Professor in the Departments of Statistics and Computer Science at the University of Manitoba. He received his PhD in Biostatistics from McGill University in 2019 while working under the supervision of Dr. Celia Greenwood and Dr. Aurélie Labbe. The title of his PhD thesis is “Dimension Reduction and High-Dimensional Data: Estimation and Inference with Application to Genomics and Neuroimaging”.


His main research interests are dimension reduction methods for high-dimensional data. This includes linear approaches (e.g. PCA, CCA, PCEV, PLS) as well as nonlinear approaches (e.g. manifold learning, autoencoders). High-dimensional data is challenging to analyse because of the so-called “curse of dimensionality”. However, this curse can be mitigated by using the structure in the data to develop new methods. He is interested in developing statistical methodologies that are statistically and computationally efficient. He is also interested in applications to statistical genetics, genomics, neuroimaging, anomaly detection, and text data analysis.

You can learn more about Max or contact him via his website.

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