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Community Health Sciences - University of Manitoba

Yixiu’s research focuses on developing and applying statistical methods to conduct casual inference of the pathology of dementia with longitudinal and survival data.

  • Azizur RahmanJuly 15, 2021 at 6:52 am

    Hi Yixiu,

    Great work indeed! Nice presentation as well. I have some queries: 1. In your survival sub model you mentioned Wi(t), is it Wi(t) or Mi(t)? 2. What estimation technique you have used, ML or REML or Bayesian estimation? 3. What were the rationale of choosing different joint models and how they differ from one another? 4. You found model b performs better than others and I guess, table 4 is based on model b? What is the function of Zi(t) in longitudinal sub model?

    Sorry for so many questions?

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